March 2021

GroupWise 18.3 Discussion and Best Practice Guide

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GroupWise 18.3 Discussion and Best Practice Guide This document outlines some of the best practices I use in my day to day business installing, upgrading, migrating, and supporting GroupWise for customers throughout the United States and around the world. GroupWise 18.3 was released in December 2020 as a milestone feature release of GroupWise.  In addition to bug fixes and minor feature enhancements, GroupWise introduced two major new components to the product: GroupWise Web GroupWise WebAcess is now considered [...]

GroupWise 18.3 System Build Guide (SLES 15)

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GroupWise 18.3 Quick Build Sheet (SLES 15) Here's a quick reference sheet for how I typically build a GroupWise server on Linux. My preference is to use SLES 15, and that is what I outline in this document. If you'd like to read my discussion regarding the various supported operating systems, click on my "GroupWise 18.3 Discussion and Best Practices" article. VMware Server Configuration Adapt as needed to hypervisor platforms. My preference is VMWare ESXi and anything [...]

January 2021

GroupWise Web 18.3 Best Practices

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GroupWise Web 18.3 Best Practices This is a comprehensive document that is evolving. The GroupWise 18.3 release is new. I work with the product daily and experience different issues with my customers and their individual environments. It's accurate to the best of my knowledge and I update/correct as needed. I'm writing this guide based on the SLES 15 SP2 operating system. While SLES 12 and OES 2018 are also supported, you could experience variations in some of the [...]

October 2020

GroupWise WebAccess 18.x Best Practices (Windows)

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This post is still relevant for GroupWise 18 versions through 18.2.1, however with the release of GroupWise 18.3 in December 2020, the traditional GroupWise Web Access is no longer supported.  WebAccess has been replaced by a newly designed "GroupWise Web".  My post for the new GroupWise Web can be found here. GroupWise 18 WebAccess on Windows Server Here is a list of things required to get GroupWise WebAccess 18 running on a Windows Server. The architecture is different [...]

June 2014