GroupWise Litigation Support

  • Are you involved in a legal situation and have been ordered to produce electronic email as evidence?
  • Does your legal defense rely on successfully recovering months or even years of email transactions?

Recovering data from a GroupWise email system is often time consuming and complicated because it could require the recovery of data that is located on multiple backup sources, spanning several years, and consuming hundreds of Gigabytes of data.

Being able to produce evidence that is complete, accurate, has all of the metadata attached, and has not been tampered with is critical.  Marvin Huffaker is a trusted expert that can help produce the evidence you are looking for.

Marvin Huffaker Can Help:

If your law firm is representing a client and you need to obtain email evidence from a GroupWise system, Marvin Huffaker has the expertise to help. The bullet points to the right demonstrate some of the key areas of expertise for which Marvin can help you in preparing for and providing evidence for your case.
If your company is involved in litigation and has been ordered to produce GroupWise email records as evidence, Marvin Huffaker can help.
You may not be involved in litigation today, but want to implement a solution to help protect you from any future threats. By implementing a GroupWise Email archiving solution now, the evidence retrieval and discovery process can be quick and painless should the need arise. Marvin Huffaker can help you implement a full solution to meet your needs.
  • Obtain email evidence of corporate espionage or other data leaks.
  • Obtain email evidence in discrimination or harassment cases.
  • Produce email evidence for a court ordered legal discovery.
  • Recover email data that may span several years and numerous backup tapes or archives.
  • Produce email evidence in an electronic format that is easy to review and process.
  • Stage duplicate / identical email systems for covert email and/or forensic investigations.
  • Obtain evidence of negligence or malicious intent when corporate email data has been lost or stolen.
  • When you need subject matter experts for email systems analysis or review.

Email Archiving and Asset Protection

In today's litigious corporate environment, you never know where the next legal battle may come from.  It is much more cost effective and less damaging to your company if you prepare ahead of time for unforeseen litigation or internal investigations. With advance preparation, your company can avoid costly recovery fees and time delays that could be crucial to your situation. Hiring the expertise of Marvin Huffaker can help you minimize your risk and prepare for a successful defense, whatever the situation may be.

  • Setup, configure, and manage systems to enforce the retention and archival of email communications.
  • Enforce corporate policies to prevent evidence from being tampered with or destroyed.
  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements for record retention and data handling, including regulation required by HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), SEC, FINRA, and FRCP.