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Marvin Huffaker is one the most experienced Micro Focus GroupWise experts in the world, providing independent consulting services to business customers globally. Marvin actively supports GroupWise every single day for these customers. When it comes to GroupWise, there aren't many people that have made a career supporting it almost exclusively. Marvin has been working with GroupWise for over 15 years, has been through extensive training, has lectured about GroupWise migration strategies, and has been heavily involved with the GroupWise Beta Team for many of the recent GroupWise releases. When you work with Marvin Huffaker, you're working with one of the best in the industry!

March 2019

Obtaining GroupWise Cores on SLES 12 and SLES 15

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When I first started moving GroupWise systems to SLES 12, I had a horrible time just configuring GroupWise to capture a core in the event of a crash. It took a long time to figure it out since it's not as automatic as on SLES 11. SLES 15 would also have the same nuances as SLES 12. I was finally able to compile a list of needed items to either try to prevent the crash or create a good core [...]

GroupWise WebAccess 18.x Best Practices

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GroupWise 18 WebAccess on Windows Server Here is a list of things required to get GroupWise WebAccess 18 running on a Windows Server. The architecture is different than previous versions of GroupWise, the main difference being that it uses Apache Tomcat instead of IIS for the web services. This outlines the challenges associated with the change. If you'd like to, you can reference this Micro Focus TID, however please note that it contains mistakes in syntax and general inaccuracies [...]

June 2018

Introducing the VIP Prepaid Services Block Packages

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I'm pleased to announce the availability of my updated and improved VIP Prepaid Services Block Hours packages. The VIP Prepaid Service Hours are a great way to retain consulting services when you need help on a regular basis without a monthly contract. This option eliminates the paperwork and billing hassles, so the focus and effort can be on your projects and support issues. Hot tip: Billing is easy. If you want to get started on your project quickly, you can buy [...]

Introducing the VIP GroupWise Annual Support Package

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I'm pleased to announce the availability of my new GroupWise Annual Support Package. Revised and updated to include new features and options for GroupWise 18 and beyond, it's an all inclusive offering that gives you unprecedented service and support for a fixed annual free. Plus, no overages and no surprise billing.  Check out the brochure for full details of this offering.

June 2014

Q3 2014 Server Baseline Updates

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Major Patches Published through June 30, 2014. Patches published after this date are not included in this listing. Our Baseline Document is a compilation of patches that are considered stable and production ready for the current business quarter. This list outlines the major products which fit into our core expertise, primarily in the Data Center. We generally perform a quarterly Baseline process for all of our customers, and ensure that all the updates listed here are applied and functional. This [...]

How to Login to GroupWise via IMAP Using a Trusted Application

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If you ever find yourself attempting to troubleshoot GroupWise mailboxes using IMAP and Trusted Applications, you will soon find that it can be a cumbersome process. You will also find that it's very difficult to actually find information that tells you how do be successful in your Trusted App login. Why would you need this?  Well, in my case I was troubleshooting an issue with a customer that uses Baracuda Archiving for long term message storage. It was having issues [...]

February 2014