July 2012

GroupWise 8 SP3 - Time to Get it Installed

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You may have heard that GroupWise 8 SP3 was released recently.  If you haven't already upgraded to GroupWise 2012, now would be a good time to get GroupWise 8 SP3 installed.  There are always various bug fixes, but in the case of GroupWise 8, there is one major security concern that needs to be patched: Security Vulnerability Novell bug 712163, CVE-2012-0410 There is a GroupWise vulnerability that could expose your server through the WebAccess component.  This issue is resolved in SP3  [...]

January 2012

September 2011

GroupWise 8 SP2 HP3 (8.02 Hotpatch 3) Released

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It's been a long time coming, but the Hotpatch 3 bundle for GroupWise 8 SP2 was finally released yesterday. The hotpatch includes a slew of significant bug fixes for the server back end as well as the client.  We had experienced various agent patches and quite a few different client crashes.  Novell has been really good about fixing those issues along the way and providing updated code, but it's good to see an "Official" hot patch.  The prior release was [...]

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