Now Providing GroupWise 24.1 Services and Support

Marvin supports ALL versions of GroupWise on any platform. This includes GroupWise 24.1, GroupWise 18.x, GroupWise 14.x, GroupWise 2012, GroupWise 8, and older. 

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Marvin is experienced and ready to help with your GroupWise upgrade. Marvin regularly performs large-scale production upgrades of GroupWise and the underlying Operating System. Marvin can help you with:

    • In-Place GroupWise 24.x Upgrades
    • Migrate and upgrade GroupWise 24.1 to a new SLES 15 server
    • Upgrade the GroupWise server to SLES 15 or OES 2023
    • Upgrade and migrate Messenger 2.x/3.x to GroupWise 23.4 Messenger and newer
    • Upgrade to GroupWise 24.x Mobility Services or migrate Mobility Services to SLES 15
    • Migrate GroupWise from Linux to Windows (or vice versa)
    • Physical to Virtual GroupWise Migrations on VMware or Hyper-V
    • Upgrade Windows or Migrate GroupWise to new Windows 2016, 2019, or 2022 Server
    • GroupWise 23.4/24.x/18.x services, support, troubleshooting, optimization, security, and best practice standardization

GroupWise 18.5 is a high performance, state of the art Email Platform supporting the latest SUSE Linux, Novell OES, and Microsoft Windows Server Platforms.

Marvin Huffaker is one of the most qualified GroupWise consultants in the world, supporting GroupWise for customers every single day.

GroupWise Highlights

Micro Focus GroupWise is an enterprise-level collaboration software used for corporate email, calendaring, personal information management, instant messaging, and mobile messaging. GroupWise 18.5 is the latest version, released on May 23, 2023, and continues to innovate and add new functions and usability features while keeping its reputation as one of the most secure, stable, and high-performance email platforms for corporate use. See what's new in GroupWise 18.5 here.

  • Standalone or Full Directory Integration. GroupWise users and other objects can be managed independently or integrated with Microsoft Active Directory or Micro Focus eDirectory.

  • Web Based Administration. Simple web based administration with no dependency on any other management tools.

  • Stability. GroupWise is a stable, high performance email and collaboration system.

  • Scalable. Scalable to thousands of users with low administration and support overhead

  • Security. Reputation for being one of the most secure and reliable systems on the market.

  • Cross Platform. Cross platform architecture, giving you the choice of running GroupWise on a Linux or Windows back-end. Fully supports OES 2018, OES 2023, SLES 12, SLES 15, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019. and Windows 2022.

  • Licensing. GroupWise has a Low cost of ownership and a simple licensing model

  • Multiple Clients. Features a rich Web based interface and a full Windows based client to fit your environment and needs.

  • Smart Phones. Full integration and support for iPhones, Android, tablets, and other mobile devices.

  • Multiple Calendars. Utilize Multiple Calendars for total control and customization.

  • Productivity. Better user productivity with shared calendaring, shared folders, advanced contact management, and distribution lists.

  • Instant Messaging. Provides integrated management of GroupWise Messenger for quick communication with peers.

Trust Marvin Huffaker as your GroupWise Partner

For over 15 years, Marvin’s primary expertise and core business focus has been with Microfocus GroupWise. No matter what issues, concerns, or project needs you may be facing, Marvin can help. Whether you need to upgrade, migrate to a new server, recover from a system failure, or add mobile phone support, you can trust Marvin to get the job done right!

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Meet Marvin HuffakerInternational GroupWise Expert

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