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What is GroupWise?

GroupWise is an enterprise level collaboration software used for corporate email, calendaring, personal information management, instant messaging, and mobile messaging.  Novell GroupWise 2014 is the latest version released in early 2014, and highly regarded as one of the best, cleanest, and most improved revisions to date by Marvin Huffaker.

GroupWise 2014 Highlights

  • GroupWise is a stable, high performance email and collaboration system
  • Scalable to thousands of users with low administration and support overhead
  • Known for being one of the most secure and reliable systems on the market
  • Features a rich Web based interface and a full Windows based client to fit your environment and needs
  • Cross platform architecture, giving you the choice of running GroupWise on a Linux or Windows back-end
  • GroupWise has a Low cost of ownership and a simple licensing model
  • Full integration and support for iPhones, Android, tablets, and other mobile devices
  • Utilize Multiple Calendars for total control and customization
  • Full integration with Active Directory and eDirectory, or manage it as a stand-alone system.
  • Better user productivity with shared calendaring, shared folders, advanced contact management, and distribution lists

Comprehensive Service and Support for GroupWise

Marvin Huffaker is a GroupWise expert that can help you install GroupWise or migrate from another corporate email system.

Marvin has developed his own exclusive methodologies for performing upgrades and migrations of GroupWise. The processes are flawless. We’ve found that there are a lot of less experienced engineers that do not have the extensive hands on experience that Marvin has, and sometimes make costly mistakes during an upgrade or migration. For the sake of your critical business data, and productivity of your end users, please consider talking to Marvin prior to your upgrade and/or migration to learn the benefits of hiring a qualified and highly experienced consultant to do the job. You will find that it is more cost effective to hire Marvin to do the job right the first time than it is to hire him to do it over.
Every company has different needs, budget constraints, small maintenance windows, and political challenges. That’s why Marvin offers VIP maintenance contracts, prepaid support blocks, and other flexible options for getting support when you need it. Whether you’re experiencing a critical outage or just need help optimizing the system, Marvin has the expertise and the options to help.
When you are ready to upgrade or migrate your GroupWise system, Marvin guarantees zero data loss and minimal downtime. He has developed his own exclusive methodologies, with full roll-back contingency plans and data verification processes that guarantee a successful migration and/or upgrade, 100% of the time.

GroupWise - MobileMobile Solutions

Access your email, calendar, and contacts from your iPhone, Android, or tablets.

GroupWise - VirtualizationVirtualization

Improve  management, reduce operating costs, and make better use of system resources.

GroupWise - EmailEmail Archiving / Compliance

Implement policy-based archiving for litigation support and regulatory compliance.

GroupWise - SecuritySecurity and Best Practices

Ensure your system is fully secure, patched, and running at top performance.


GroupWise - DisasterBusiness Continuity

Don’t let a hardware failure or natural disaster rain on your parade. Let us help you implement Gwava Reload for GroupWise specific disaster recovery.

GroupWise - ScalabilityScalability and Architecture

Advanced system configuration, multiple GWIA’s, multiple WebAccess points, redundancy and fail-over. Split or consolidate post offices.

Trust Marvin Huffaker Consulting as your GroupWise Partner

Marvin’s primary expertise and core business focus is with Novell GroupWise. Marvin lives and breathes GroupWise, and can help you resolve ANY GroupWise challenge. Whether you need to upgrade, migrate to a new server, recover from a system failure, or add mobile phone support, you can trust Marvin to get the job done right!

Meet Marvin Huffaker
Meet Marvin HuffakerIndependent Consultant and GroupWise Expert

New Features for GroupWise 2014

Here’s a look at just some of the cool new features in GroupWise 2014:

  • Web Based Administration. Simple web based administration. No longer utilizes ConsoleOne for system management.
  • Standalone or Full Directory Integration. GroupWise users and other objects can be managed independently or integrated with Microsoft Active Directory or Novell eDirectory.
  • Muitiple Client Platforms. Utilize a streamlined Windows Client, a browser based WebAccess client, or various smartphone and tablet devices.
  • Streamlined WebAccess. New WebAccess interface that includes Auto-Refresh and better scrolling.

Helpful Links about Novell GroupWise

To learn more about Novell GroupWise features and benefits, we recommend the Official GroupWise website: