About a year ago, we implemented a small VMware solution for a customer. At the end of the project, the customer requested that we provide some basic information about the system. They didn't want anything crazy, they just wanted to know how to get around the system and have a basic understanding of how to do their normal system day to day support tasks, but in a virtual world. I wrote up a nice document with screenshots, how-to's, and such. But then I forgot about it.

I was just looking through some of my files yesterday and came across this document.  And I wondered to myself, why didn't we share this with anybody else? It's a great document. Just the basics, nothing too complex, nothing overwhelming.  Just what someone needs to know.

So I updated the document and made sure all the information was still relevant, and I posted it to our download area.  It's free to anybody that wants to download it.  You can find the document at this link:  VMware vSphere 5 Administration Quickstart Guide.