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Flexible Purchasing Options Designed to Fit YOUR Needs

You can choose the best service options to meet your needs and budgets. Some companies prefer an all inclusive support contract while others would rather pay as they go or setup a retainer. It’s your choice.

Let Marvin manage all aspects of your systems. Whether it’s GroupWise, OES, VMware, or Sophos. Scoped and priced to fit your environment and budget. Features a fixed monthly fee and never any overages.
Supplement your current administration and support needs with a 10 or 20 hour per week contract for dedicated system support.
Retain consulting services when you need help on a regular basis without a monthly contract. Eliminate paperwork and billing hassles.
For any major implementation, upgrade, or other project that requires a dedicated engineer for a fixed scope or duration. Work within a statement of work and defined project scope.
For occasional support and/or service for any of your systems. Performed on an as-needed basis and billed at an hourly rate. Scheduled per availability

Option 1: All Inclusive VIP Services

Don’t have technical expertise on staff? Do you run Novell, SUSE Linux, VMware, or Sophos and just need someone to take care of everything on an ongoing basis?  Marvin’s VIP Maintenance Contracts are designed just for you.

  • Unlimited system support, including 24×7 support for critical outages.
  • FIXED Monthly fee with NO overages or extra charges. Ever.
  • FREE Server Upgrades including SUSE Linux, Novell OES, VMWare ESXi, and Novell GroupWise upgrades. When it comes time to upgrade to the next version, the project (services only, not licensing) is already paid for. Even if it requires a server to server migration.
  • Full support, maintenance, patches, tuning and troubleshooting.

Option 2: Dedicated Administration and Support

Dedicated resource for administration and support.  An ongoing contract where Marvin Huffaker would be at your disposal for any administration, support, or other services that are required. Time is scheduled and blocked out specifically for you. For example, if you needed to supplement your system administration by 20 hours a week, we could schedule 4 hours every morning for 5 days a week. Available in 10 and 20 hours per week arrangements. A limited quantity of these arrangements are available due to the time constraints.

  • Dedicated and regularly scheduled support and administration
  • On hand during specific times to deal with whatever issues may arise.
  • Emergencies and outages are handled within the contract even if outside of the scheduled hours.
  • Great way to supplement your support staff without hiring additional overhead.

Option 3: Services Retainer / Prepaid Service Hours

The VIP Prepaid Service Hours are a great way to retain consulting services when you need help on a regular basis without a monthly contract. This option eliminates the paperwork and billing hassles, so the focus and effort can be on your projects and support issues.

  • Access to Marvin directly 24×7 with no after hours penalty.
  • Handle complex projects such as upgrades, patches, or migrations.
  • Free up your IT staff for other projects.
  • Use Marvin as an escalation channel for critical support and outages.

Option 4: Time and Materials Support

If you are in a situation where you need help with any of your Novell OES or SLES servers, Sophos Firewall, GroupWise system, or VMware system,  you can work with Marvin on a Time and Materials basis for the duration of the work required. Scheduling is per availability, and subject to currently published time and materials rates and terms.

Services will not be scheduled or provided until billing arrangements are confirmed. Click the button below for specific terms, conditions, and rates for Time and Materials services.

Please Note: In order to provide better services and support to his regular contract and VIP customers, Marvin rarely provides services on a time and materials basis.  Furthermore, he only provides emergency and after hours support to existing contract customers.  Marvin recommends instead, that you purchase a 50 hour VIP Prepaid Block, which you can use as needed for any support need over the next 2 years. See the description above for details.

Click here for Time and Materials Support

Option 5: Scoped Projects or Major Services Engagements

Do you have a major implementation, upgrade, or other project that requires a dedicated engineer for a fixed scope or duration? Marvin will provide a Statement of Work to meet your specific project goals and business needs. Just fill out our contact form below or call the number up top.