April 2012

Server Baseline Document Q2 2012
(April 2012 - June 2012)

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Click Here To Subscribe - We'll Email You When This Baseline Document is Updated Our Baseline Document is a compilation of patches that are considered stable and production ready for the current business quarter. This list outlines the major products which fit into our core expertise, primarily in the Data Center. We generally perform a quarterly Baseline process for all of our customers, and ensure that all the updates listed here are applied and functional. This accomplishes the following: • [...]

February 2012

December 2011

BES Support Update for GroupWise

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From the Novell website regarding BlackBerry Enterprise Server and GroupWise... Please note the following information from Research In Motion regarding BES support for GroupWise users. Customers still using BES 4.x should make plans to upgrade to BES 5.x as soon as possible. BES 4.1.7 developer support ends on October 15, 2011. BES 4.1.7 and BES 5.x have been certified with GroupWise 8.02 HP3. BES 5.x will support GroupWise 2012 in early 2012. Before updating to GroupWise 2012, customers using BES [...]

November 2011

Keeping up-to-date with Novell news

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Ever feel like you are a little out of the loop on what is going on with Novell? There are a couple of webinars I recommend to keep you updated on new products and features. The first is the Novell Community Chats. This is a relatively new webinar series, but it is put on by Novell. We're very excited about an upcoming event on Dec 13 about GroupWise 2012. We're encouraging all our GroupWise customers to attend this event to [...]

Monitor and Restart eDirectory on Linux

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I'm currently working on an OES2 project involving Domain Services for Windows, and we're having some problems with the ndsd process (eDirectory) crashing. It's very random, and while we are trying to get a coredump for analysis, we are unable to pinpoint the offending process. Furthermore, we're having trouble obtaining a coredump with enough detail to find the exact problem. So we are unable to duplicate at will, and when it does crash, we have very little information to help [...]

October 2011

GroupWise, Relaying Email, and Preventing Open Spam Relays

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I get asked this question a lot: I need to be able to relay mail off of my GroupWise server to outside users or systems, but GroupWise won't let me (or won't let me without authentication). This prevents me from doing what I need, how do I get around this? Can it be done? In reality, this is very common. Many people need to relay mail from other internal, and sometimes even external systems. It might be a monitoring system, [...]

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