This post is still relevant for GroupWise 18 versions through 18.2.1, however with the release of GroupWise 18.3 in December 2020, the traditional GroupWise Web Access is no longer supported.  WebAccess has been replaced by a newly designed "GroupWise Web".  My post for the new GroupWise Web can be found here.

GroupWise 18 WebAccess on Windows Server

Here is a list of things required to get GroupWise WebAccess 18 running on a Windows Server. The architecture is different than previous versions of GroupWise, the main difference being that it uses Apache Tomcat instead of IIS for the web services. This outlines the challenges associated with the change.

If you'd like to, you can reference this Micro Focus TID, however please note that it contains mistakes in syntax and general inaccuracies that I will not go into detail here.

Potential Challenges to Overcome:

  • IIS is disabled, and instead Apache Tomcat is used
  • Certificates are not transferred to Apache Tomcat
  • Apache Tomcat by default is configured to use the tomcat keystore and the NIO directive
  • Default Weak TLS Versions with Apache Tomcat
  • Uninstalling / Reinstalling GroupWise 18.x Webaccess considerations
  • Patching / Updating Webaccess overwrites tomcat/apache config file

Change from IIS to Tomcat Apache

Understand that the GroupWise WebAccess 18.x installation process will disable IIS and install an Apache Tomcat service that runs WebAccess in its entirety. If you're not expecting this, you can expect some frustration as you're trying to figure out what's going on.

Certificates are not Transferred to Apache Tomcat service

By default, the Apache Tomcat service is configured with a self signed certificate. So even if you have certificates installed with IIS, you will see that WebAccess 18.x is using self signed certificates. To my knowledge the GroupWise WebAccess installation program does not even attempt to transfer the certificate. Understanding this is critical to moving past this issue and getting up and running with real 3rd party certificates.