Ever feel like you are a little out of the loop on what is going on with Novell? There are a couple of webinars I recommend to keep you updated on new products and features.

The first is the Novell Community Chats. This is a relatively new webinar series, but it is put on by Novell. We're very excited about an upcoming event on Dec 13 about GroupWise 2012. We're encouraging all our GroupWise customers to attend this event to start getting familiar with the new GroupWise. We've started blogging about the new features in GroupWise and hope you'll register to attend so you are familiar with all that GroupWise 2012 has to offer.

The other is a regular webinar put on by GroupLink. They have a strong history of putting on some great webinars over the past couple years. They also have an archive of past webinars, so if you're interested in those, be sure to check them out.

It can be hard to dedicate an hour or two to sit back and watch a webinar, but it does help you be informed and better able to make decisions about your environment.