July 2012

Server Baseline Document Q3 2012
(Jul 2012 - Sep 2012)

By |2016-12-22T14:36:27-07:00July 5th, 2012|Baseline|

Our Baseline Document is a compilation of patches that are considered stable and production ready for the current business quarter. This list outlines the major products which fit into our core expertise, primarily in the Data Center. We generally perform a quarterly Baseline process for all of our customers, and ensure that all the updates listed here are applied and functional. This accomplishes the following: • Implements bug fixes and other defects • Resolves known security vulnerabilities • May include [...]

June 2012

GroupWise 2012 update

By |2016-12-22T14:36:28-07:00June 29th, 2012|GroupWise 2012|

Some of you may be wondering when GroupWise 2012 SP1 will be released. GroupWise 2012 has been out since January 2012. The product has been very stable and Novell continues to be run the shipping GroupWise 2012 code internally. No major issues have been found. SP1 is expected to be released in July which will include primarily minor bug fixes. Novell has already been working on GroupWise 2012 SP2 for a while. In fact, they are promising a "GroupWise/Exchange co-existence [...]

May 2012

Summer Release Planned for GroupWise 2012 SP1

By |2016-12-22T14:36:28-07:00May 7th, 2012|GroupWise 2012|

Summer Release Planned for GroupWise 2012 Service Pack 1 Since we were on the Beta team for GroupWise 2012, Novell recently contacted us to invite us to be on the GroupWise 2012 SP1 beta team. The beta is scheduled to start within a few weeks. This was a little bit of a surprise, for a couple reasons: It's been almost 5 months since the initial release of GroupWise 2012, and there have been no hotpatches released. Novell previously established a [...]

April 2012

GroupWise 2012 Quality Update

By |2014-06-15T18:40:28-07:00April 25th, 2012|GroupWise 2012|

First, a few words from the horse's mouth and then also from our experience. According to Dean Lythgoe, Director of Product Management for Novell Collaboration Solutions... We recently evaluated the initial quality of GroupWise 2012 as we near the first 90 day mark of the release. We first evaluated Novell’s production GroupWise systems. The feedback from both the backend perspective and the helpdesk perspective has been very positive. In fact, according to Kevin Crutchfield, “we are not aware of any [...]

February 2012

January 2012

GroupWise 2012 Videos

By |2016-12-22T14:36:29-07:00January 26th, 2012|GroupWise 2012|

I know that some of you out there don't want to hear about GroupWise 2012, you want to see GroupWise 2012. Novell has put together a bunch of videos demonstrating various new features of GroupWise 2012. Here they are. Enjoy!

GroupWise 2012 Released!

By |2016-12-22T14:36:29-07:00January 24th, 2012|GroupWise 2012|

We've told you it was coming, and at long last its here. GroupWise 2012! This is the most significant update to GroupWise in over 3 years. And I'd say there are more new user features than GroupWise 7 to GroupWise 8. So if you aren't familiar with all the new features we've been blogging about, check them out! And if you'd like to see more, keep watching our blog for links to GroupWise 2012 videos, or give us a call! [...]

GroupWise 2012 Relevant Sorting

By |2016-12-22T14:36:30-07:00January 20th, 2012|GroupWise 2012|

Part of an ongoing series about GroupWise 2012. First, what is relevant sorting? Scott Clayton, Senior Windows Client Architect described it well: "You perform an action, let's say you use name completion to find a person you want to send an email to. When you hit enter to add that person to the email's address list we mark that contact as relevant, because you used it. And if you hit send on that email we'll mark that contact as relevant [...]

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