GroupWise Web 18.3 Best Practices

This is a comprehensive document that is evolving. The GroupWise 18.3 release is new. I work with the product daily and experience different issues with my customers and their individual environments. It's accurate to the best of my knowledge and I update/correct as needed.

I'm writing this guide based on the SLES 15 SP2 operating system. While SLES 12 and OES 2018 are also supported, you could experience variations in some of the commands. My preference is to use SLES15 SP2.

My goal is to offer information that goes far above and beyond what is included in the product documentation. This includes troubleshooting information as well as detail on what you should see when you have the system working correctly.

GroupWise 18.3 was released in December 2020 as a milestone feature release of GroupWise.  With this release, GroupWise introduces a completely new WebAccess experience called "GroupWise Web". This new application no longer uses Apache/Tomcat as the platform, and instead uses Docker Containers to run a self-contained WebAccess application. There are very few options and it doesn't take much to get going. However, in the normal fashion of GroupWise documentation, even if you RTFM, you'll be scratching your head a few times as you're working through things. I'm making the assumption that you've looked at the documentation that can be found here:

Although the general process of getting GroupWise Web up and running is fairly simple, there's a chance you could run into some problems or need further understanding of what's going on. I have color coordinated the different sections for clarity and split into the following general categories:

  • TLDR Version - Get up and running quick
  • Intro to Docker & Feature Parity
  • System Prerequisite How-To's
  • Firewall Requirements and How-To's
  • Full Installation Process
  • SSL Considerations
  • Troubleshooting