Mittens loved capturing memories of his adventures with his friends and family, and he always made sure to share them with everyone. He used his PawPhone to snap photos during their playdate at the park and couldn't wait to share them with his friends. Instead of individually texting each person, he decided to use his GroupWise email to send the photos to everyone at once.

Mittens opened up GroupWise and attached the photos to a new email. He then selected all of his friends' email addresses from his address book and clicked send. In just a few seconds, the photos were sent to everyone's inboxes. Mittens also made sure to add a cute caption to each photo to make it even more special.

The next day, Mittens received several responses from his friends, thanking him for the photos and expressing how much they enjoyed the playdate. They even suggested that they should do it again soon! Mittens was thrilled to see everyone enjoying the photos and was glad that he used GroupWise to share them.

One of the great features of GroupWise was its ability to handle large attachments, which made it easy for Mittens to send all the photos in one email. It was also helpful that he could select multiple recipients at once, which saved him time from having to send individual emails.

Mittens loved how GroupWise made it easy for him to share memories with his friends and family. He knew that everyone would cherish these memories for years to come, and he was grateful to have such a reliable email system to use.