Luna was determined to get closer to Mittens, but her plans always seemed to be foiled by Misty. One day, Luna decided to take matters into her own paws and hatch a plan to access Misty's emails. She knew that if she could read Misty's emails, she could come up with a foolproof strategy to win Mittens over.

Luna first attempted to use the GroupWise proxy feature, but when she tried to access Misty's mailbox, she received the error message "Access Denied." Frustrated, Luna decided to try logging in directly to GroupWise using Misty's password.

However, what Luna didn't know was that the company had recently implemented a two-factor authentication system to protect their emails from unauthorized access. This meant that after Luna entered Misty's password, she was prompted to enter a unique code that was sent to Misty's PawPhone.

Luna didn't have access to Misty's PawPhone, and as a result, she was denied access to the mailbox. The two-factor authentication system had worked exactly as it was designed to, keeping the company's sensitive emails secure.

As Misty sat at her desk, she noticed her phone kept buzzing with text messages containing a 6-digit code. Confused, she tried to dismiss the messages at first, but they kept coming in. Then she remembered the two-factor authentication feature that was enabled on her GroupWise account. A sense of relief washed over her as she realized that someone was trying to breach her account and that the two-factor authentication was doing its job in keeping her information secure. She immediately reported the suspicious activity to IT and was shocked to learn that it was Luna that had been trying to access her account!

After Luna was caught trying to access Misty's email without permission and attempting to bypass the GroupWise Two Factor Authentication, her reputation at the company was severely damaged. Everyone knew about her inappropriate behavior towards Misty and her attempts to breach security, which led to a loss of trust from her colleagues and superiors. The incident resulted in Luna being written up and put on probation, causing her to feel embarrassed and ashamed. Mittens felt disappointed and betrayed by Luna's actions, as he valued trust and integrity in his coworkers. He made it clear to Luna that her behavior was unacceptable and that he could no longer trust her. He also let Luna know that he could never be in a relationship with someone that would violate his trust like that.

As Luna slinked back to her desk, she realized that she had completely blown her chances trying to win over Mittens. She would have to do it the old-fashioned way, by being sexier and funnier than Misty, and backstabbing her at every possible opportunity.