Mittens has always been a proponent of staying organized, and with the help of GroupWise, he's been able to take his productivity to the next level. One of the features he loves most is the ability to create color-coded folders to help him quickly identify and prioritize important emails.

For example, Mittens uses a bright red folder for urgent emails that require immediate attention, while a cool blue folder is reserved for emails related to upcoming events and meetings. By keeping everything neatly organized, he can quickly access what he needs and stay on top of his busy schedule. He also had a yellow folder for emails related to personal projects and hobbies, such as a reminder to take his catnip supplement or an update on the latest cat fashion trends.

But Mittens didn't stop there. He also used color-coded folders to organize his extensive collection of memes and practical joke catalogs. The memes were filed away in a purple folder, while the practical jokes were kept in a yellow one. With this system in place, he could easily find the perfect meme or joke to send to a friend or coworker at a moment's notice. It was a small thing, but it brought him great joy to know that he could make someone's day with just a few clicks.

One day, Mittens received an email from the company's CEO requesting his help with an important project. Thanks to his color-coded folders, he was able to quickly locate the email and begin working on the project right away.

Mittens' colleagues have taken notice of his impressive organizational skills, and some have even asked him to share his folder system with them. He happily obliged and even provided some tips on how to create subfolders and rules to automatically sort emails into the appropriate folders.

Thanks to GroupWise, Mittens has been able to stay on top of his emails and projects, while also having some fun with his collection of memes and practical jokes. He couldn't imagine going back to a disorganized inbox and is grateful for the power of color-coded folders.