As Mittens sat at his desk, he noticed the new employee, Luna, making her rounds and chatting up all of the guys in the office. She had a flirtatious personality and was clearly enjoying the attention.

Misty, who was working in the cubicle next to Mittens, noticed his distraction and asked what was going on. Mittens explained about Luna's behavior and Misty's expression turned cold. She was not one to tolerate other women flirting with her man.

Misty quickly opened up GroupWise Messenger and sent Luna a message. "Hey, I noticed you've been getting pretty friendly with the guys here. Just wanted to let you know that Mittens is taken and I don't appreciate you flirting with him."

Luna responded quickly, clearly caught off guard. "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know. I was just trying to be friendly."

Misty replied, "Well, now you know. So please keep it professional."

Mittens, who had been watching the exchange, felt a surge of gratitude for Misty's protectiveness. He turned to her and said, "Thanks for looking out for me, Misty. You're the only one I want."

Misty smiled and leaned over to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. "I know, and I'll always have your back."

As the day went on, Luna kept her distance and focused on her work. Mittens and Misty went about their own tasks, using GroupWise to coordinate their schedules and keep track of important deadlines.

Misty made sure to keep an eye on Luna, just in case she needed to send another message to put her in her place. But for the time being, it seemed that Luna had learned her lesson.

As the workday came to a close, Mittens and Misty packed up their things and headed out together. Mittens put his arm around Misty's shoulder and said, "Thanks again for taking care of that, babe. You're the best."

Misty smiled and replied, "Anytime, Mittens. I'll always be here to protect what's mine."