It was a beautiful day in the park, and Mittens was excited to meet up with his friends for a play date. Mittens had planned ahead by using the shared calendars feature in GroupWise, so everyone could easily see when the play date was scheduled and confirm their attendance.

Groupwise shared calendars are a feature that enables users to share and synchronize their calendars within a group or team. It allows members to view each other's schedules, appointments, and availability, facilitating efficient planning and coordination. Users can create, edit, and manage events and meetings in a shared calendar, which updates in real-time for all members.

Mittens had also used the "place" field in the appointment to mark the exact location of where they were going to meet. He and his friends loved playing on the swings, slides, and monkey bars, and they all agreed to meet at the swing set at noon. By marking the location in the shared calendar event, Mittens knew that everyone could navigate right to the exact swing set without getting lost or confused.

As Mittens arrived at the park, he saw that Fluffy and Snowball were already there, waiting eagerly at the swing set. They greeted each other with excited meows and immediately ran off to play on the slides.

Soon, Tigger and Whiskers arrived, both wearing matching collars. They joined the others at the swing set and they all took turns pushing each other on the swings. They also enjoyed playing on the see-saw and climbing on the jungle gym.

Throughout the play date, Mittens checked the shared calendar to make sure everyone was still able to stay and play for the entire time. They all had so much fun that they ended up staying longer than planned, and Mittens used GroupWise to update the shared calendar to reflect the new end time.

As the sun began to set, the group said their goodbyes and headed home, tired but happy from a fun day in the park. Mittens was glad he had used GroupWise's shared calendar feature to help coordinate the play date, as it made planning and organizing the event much easier for everyone involved.