Mittens was scrolling through his GroupWise mailbox, looking for an important email when he stumbled upon a strange message from Misty. It read: "Hey, can't wait to see you tonight. Don't forget to bring the catnip!" Mittens scratched his head, confused. He had no plans with Misty that night and he certainly had no interest in catnip.

Mittens decided to investigate the email further by checking the message headers. With GroupWise, he was easily able to do this. He clicked on the message and then on the "properties" option, which opened a new window showing the message headers.

As he looked through the headers, he noticed something strange. The email was not actually sent from Misty's email address, but from someone else's. He realized it was a phishing attempt, trying to get him to click on a link or respond with personal information.

Misty, who was nearby, noticed the perplexed look on Mittens' face and asked what was wrong. Mittens explained the situation and showed her the message headers. Misty was impressed with Mittens' tech skills and also relieved to know that her account was not compromised.

Misty then remembered a time when she had fallen for a similar phishing scam and had to deal with the consequences. She thanked Mittens for reminding her to always check message headers and be vigilant with her email security.

Mittens and Misty spent the rest of the day chatting about their favorite GroupWise features and how they use them to stay organized and efficient at work. Mittens showed Misty how to use GroupWise Messenger on his PawPhone, a handy tool that allowed them to communicate instantly and securely through the corporate messaging system.

With GroupWise Messenger, they could easily exchange messages, files, and even participate in video conferences right from their mobile devices. They could also see when other users were online and available to chat, making it easier to collaborate and stay connected with their colleagues.

Mittens and Misty continued to chat and joke around using GroupWise Messenger, enjoying the convenience and security of the messaging platform. They both felt grateful to have access to such a robust and user-friendly tool to help them navigate their workday. And as they logged off for the day, they both felt a sense of satisfaction and confidence in their ability to use GroupWise to its fullest potential.