Mittens and Misty were tasked with planning the company retreat, and they had a lot on their paws. They were determined to make it the best retreat ever, but there was one problem - no one could agree on where to go.

One coworker wanted to go to Hawaii for some fun in the sun, while another wanted to go to Paris for some shopping and fine dining. Mittens and Misty decided to use the voting option in GroupWise to solve the problem.

They created a survey with several options, including the over-the-top and expensive destinations like a private island in the Caribbean, a luxury cruise around the world, and a five-star resort in the Swiss Alps.

As the responses came in, it quickly became clear that the majority of the coworkers had expensive taste, and the Swiss Alps resort was the clear winner.

Mittens and Misty were a bit shocked at the cost of the resort, but they were determined to make it work. They used GroupWise to coordinate with the resort staff, arranging for private ski lessons, spa treatments, and a Michelin-starred chef to cater their meals.

As the retreat approached, the excitement was palpable. Mittens and Misty had even created a custom GroupWise signature for the event, complete with a picture of a cat skiing down the slopes.

The retreat was a huge success, and everyone had a blast skiing, snowboarding, and indulging in the luxury of the resort. Mittens and Misty were hailed as heroes for using GroupWise to solve the indecisiveness and make the retreat a memorable and extravagant experience.