Mittens and Misty were feeling a bit stressed, so they decided to take a break and grab a cup of coffee. They brought along their trusty LapcatTops so they could stay connected with their colleagues via GroupWise while enjoying their coffee.

As they sipped their beverages, they used the Drag and Drop enhancements in the GroupWise client to quickly organize their emails and appointments. Misty was particularly impressed by how easy it was to move emails to different folders with a simple drag and drop motion.

"Mittens, look at this!" Misty exclaimed. "I can drag this email from my inbox and drop it into the 'Completed' folder with just one paw!"

"That's claw-some!" Mittens replied, impressed. "I love how GroupWise makes it easy to stay organized and productive no matter where we are."

As they continued to work, they noticed a rude customer in line who was being particularly vocal about their displeasure with the coffee shop's service. Misty rolled her eyes and muttered under her breath, "That guy needs to get a cat-itude adjustment."

Mittens laughed and suggested they create a custom signature in GroupWise that included a cat pun to lighten the mood. They spent the next few minutes brainstorming different puns, eventually settling on "Have a purrfect day!"

As they sent out their emails with the new signature, they giggled at how silly they were being. But to their surprise, several colleagues replied with compliments and praise for the clever pun.

Feeling uplifted and energized, Mittens and Misty finished up their work and headed back to the office, feeling grateful for the cat-ffeine boost and the ease of communication GroupWise provided.