It was time for Mittens and Misty to get groovy and take a break from the daily grind. They decided to sneak off to a swanky 5-star resort for a romantic weekend away. They strutted into the hotel lobby, looking like a couple of international spies, wearing their shades and cool suits.

Misty: "This place is smashing, baby! Look at this lobby, it's shagadelic!"

Mittens: "Oh yeah, baby! This is where we belong."

They checked into their room, and it was nothing short of fabulous. The decor was fit for a king and queen, with a big comfy bed, plush furniture, and a balcony with a stunning view of the ocean.

Misty: "Oh, Mittens, this place is totally groovy! Let's hit up the club!"

Mittens: "Right on, baby! I hear the club is happening!"

As they arrived at the club, they saw the neon lights flashing, and the music was bumping. They hit the dance floor, showing off their moves and grooving to the beats. Mittens was shaking his hips, and Misty was twirling around like a superstar.

Misty: "Mittens, you're a total swinger! You're the cat's meow!"

Mittens: "You're not so bad yourself, baby! You're a real fox!"

After a night of dancing, they headed to a fancy restaurant for a candlelit dinner. They dined on lobster and sipped champagne, feeling like royalty.

Misty: "This is so romantic, Mittens. You're such a groovy cat!"

Mittens: "You're the one who makes everything groovy, baby. I'm just lucky to be here with you."

The next day, they lounged by the beach and enjoyed the hot tub. But they had to be careful not to blow their cover. They used the Groupwise out of office rule to fool their coworkers into thinking they were at a business conference.

Misty: "This is working out great, Mittens! Our coworkers think we're at a conference!"

Mittens: "Yeah, baby! But we gotta be careful not to blow our cover!"

Unfortunately, some of their coworkers got suspicious and started snooping around. So, they had to think fast and come up with a plan to keep up the charade.

Misty: "Mittens, I've got it! Let's take some photos and send them to our coworkers, acting like we're at the conference!"

Mittens: "Brilliant, baby! You're a genius!"

They snapped some photos around the resort, pretending to be at a conference, and sent them to their coworkers. It worked like a charm, and nobody suspected a thing.

Misty: "We did it, Mittens! We fooled them all! That was totally groovy!"

Mittens: "Yeah, baby! We're two groovy cats who can handle anything!"

And with that, Mittens and Misty continued their romantic getaway, feeling like they could take on the world. Yeah, baby!