Helping businesses support and manage their complex and unique GroupWise Email systems.

Business Managers

Your systems just need to work.

As a manager, you don’t have time to consider the technical minutiae of every system, you just need it to work. We’re technical people who understand business goals, so we can take care of the things you don’t have the time to worry about. 

Technical Leaders

You want experts working for you.

Technicians and freelancers can’t offer your team the knowledge and experience necessary to take your IT where it needs to go. We solve strategic and technical problems so you can focus on making your internal machine run smoothly.

Meet Marvin Huffaker

Real Person. GroupWise Expert.

I’m Marvin Huffaker, an independent Novell consultant and GroupWise expert located in Phoenix, Arizona. I help companies around the world keep their systems running strong, stable, and secure.
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Marvin Huffaker

Our Clients Say

Our new system allows us to do things that we never could have dreamed, says Meeks proudly. It's hard to imagine that any company could have more complex needs than us at Seabrook Wallcoverings, but if they do, I recommend a dialogue with Marvin Huffaker.