Part of an ongoing series about GroupWise 2012.

First, what is relevant sorting? Scott Clayton, Senior Windows Client Architect described it well:

"You perform an action, let's say you use name completion to find a person you want to send an email to. When you hit enter to add that person to the email's address list we mark that contact as relevant, because you used it. And if you hit send on that email we'll mark that contact as relevant again, effectively doubling the relevance count for that contact. Then, the next time you use name completion the contacts with a higher relevance count will sort to the top of the list name completion hit list."

Genius. He continues:

"What happens when I stop using an individual contact you ask? Will I be stuck with them forever just because we emailed back and forth a few times? The short answer is no, you won't be stuck with them forever. Each time nightly maintenance is run...the relevance count will be reduced by a small percentage... So if you stop using a contact, after a few months, the relevance count on that contact will return back to zero."

Perfect. Since we're part of the GroupWise 2012 Beta Team, I've been using this functionality for a few months. However, I wasn't sure if it was actually working or if I could tell. I did a little testing and sure enough, I noticed that name completion when addressing an email wasn't displaying options purely based on alphabetical order. It actually knew which people I've emailed back and forth with more recently.

Sometimes, its the little things that make a big difference. Pretty cool.

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