Mittens had been trying to work up the courage to ask Misty out on a date for weeks, but every time he tried, he found himself tongue-tied and flustered. He knew he needed a way to impress her, to show her that he was adventurous and brave. That's when he hatched a plan to get lost in the park, and use GroupWise Mobility on his phone to contact Misty for help.

He set out early in the morning, pretending to go for a walk, but secretly heading off the beaten path into the thickest part of the park. He walked and walked, getting deeper and deeper into the woods until he was well and truly lost.

But he wasn't worried. He knew he had GroupWise Mobility on his phone, and with it, he could contact Misty and make it seem like he needed rescuing. He sent her an email, making it sound urgent and alarming, like he was in real danger.

Sure enough, Misty responded quickly, asking for his location and offering to come to his aid. Mittens grinned to himself, feeling a thrill of excitement at his own daring plan. He responded with a vague description of where he was, making sure to make it sound as dire as possible.

It wasn't long before he heard Misty's voice calling out his name. She had followed the directions in his email and had finally found him. Mittens acted relieved and grateful to see her, thanking her for coming to his rescue.

Misty didn't seem to suspect a thing, as Mittens had played his part perfectly. He was thrilled to see her and couldn't resist the opportunity to spend some extra time with her. They walked together, talking and laughing, until they finally emerged from the park and back into the office.

As they parted ways, Misty gave him a smile and said, "Thanks for letting me know you needed my help. I'm always here for you, Mittens."

Mittens felt a warm flush of happiness, knowing that his plan had worked perfectly. He had found a way to impress Misty and spend some time with her, and he knew that he would always be grateful for GroupWise Mobility and the role it had played in his scheme.