As Mittens sat at his desk, he felt a sigh of relief that yesterday's cyborg incident turned out to be a virtual reality simulation on his computer. He was glad that his secret identity as a cyborg was still safe.

Mittens glanced at his calendar and noticed that it was a pretty mundane day at work. He had a few routine tasks to accomplish, such as answering emails, making phone calls, and updating spreadsheets. However, Mittens knew that these routine tasks could quickly become overwhelming if he didn't stay organized.

Thankfully, Groupwise was there to help. Mittens used the calendar feature to schedule his tasks throughout the day, ensuring that he had enough time to complete each one. He also used color-coded folders to keep his emails and documents organized, making it easy to find what he needed.

As Mittens worked, he noticed Misty flirting with him over the Groupwise instant messenger. She would send him playful messages, such as "Hey Mittens, how's your day going?" or "Wish I was working on your team today." Mittens blushed, but tried to remain focused on his work.

Mittens also used the Frequent Contacts feature to quickly send messages to his team members, making it easy to coordinate tasks and stay on schedule. He even used the drag and drop calendar feature to reschedule a meeting with his boss, who unexpectedly had to attend a last-minute conference.

As the day went on, Mittens felt a sense of satisfaction as he checked off each task from his to-do list. He knew that without Groupwise, he would have been overwhelmed by the amount of work he had to do. But thanks to the helpful features of Groupwise, he was able to stay organized and productive.

As the workday came to a close, Misty sent Mittens one final message over Groupwise, "Great job today, Mittens. Want to grab a drink after work?" Mittens grinned and replied, "Sure, Misty. I'd love that." His heart raced as the thought about the prospect of spending some more time with his charming colleague outside of work.