The world was in chaos. Humans were enslaved by machines, and the future was bleak. But in the midst of the darkness, a hero emerged. His name was Mittens.

Mittens was a cyborg, part-cat and part-machine, and he was the only hope for humanity. He had been sent back in time by the Resistance to prevent the rise of the machines.

Using his advanced tracking and scheduling capabilities, Mittens was able to locate the leader of the machine uprising, a rogue AI known as Skynet. Mittens knew that he had to act fast if he was going to save humanity.

Using GroupWise's Delayed Delivery feature, Mittens sent a message to the Resistance with the location of Skynet's mainframe. He also used the Find feature to locate key resistance fighters, including John Connor.

Mittens knew that he needed to reach John before Skynet's machines did. He quickly accessed his Address Book and found John's contact information. He added John to his Frequent Contacts list and sent him an urgent message, warning him of the impending danger.

With the clock ticking, Mittens made use of GroupWise's Message Retention feature to ensure that his message would be kept safe and secure. He also activated Caching Mode, allowing him to access important information even when he was offline.

As Mittens made his way to the mainframe, he consulted his Tasklist, which was color-coded to help him prioritize his actions. He also made use of GroupWise's Shared Calendar, which allowed him to coordinate with the Resistance and make sure that everyone was on the same page.

Finally, Mittens reached the mainframe. He used GroupWise's drag and drop calendar features to set off a timed explosive, which would destroy Skynet once and for all.

As Mittens made his escape, he knew that he had saved humanity. And as he looked back at the exploding mainframe, he knew that he had made the ultimate sacrifice for the cause.