Mittens and Misty were enjoying a relaxing day off from their regular jobs at the beach. They had taken part-time jobs as lifeguards on the weekends to earn some extra tuna treats. As they were lounging on the sand, they noticed a commotion near the water. They looked up to see a group of humans in trouble in the water. Mittens and Misty sprang into action, running in slow motion as the sun glistened on their fur.

As they got closer to the humans in distress, Mittens realized that he could use the GroupWise instant messenger to call for backup. He quickly messaged the other lifeguards on duty, informing them of the situation and asking them to come to the beach immediately. Mittens and Misty then jumped into the water to rescue the struggling humans.

The situation was quite ridiculous, as one of the humans had brought their pet fish to the beach and accidentally dropped it in the water. The other humans were trying to save the fish, but they couldn't swim and were in danger of drowning. Mittens and Misty used their cat-like reflexes to swim to the humans and guide them back to shore, holding onto the fish and the humans' flotation devices.

Once they reached the shore, Mittens remembered that he had used the GroupWise shared calendar to schedule a training session for the lifeguards later that day. He quickly checked his calendar to see if any of the other lifeguards had cancelled or rescheduled the session. Everything was still on track, so he breathed a sigh of relief and focused on the rescue.

As they were returning to the beach, Mittens noticed that one of the humans had a severe sunburn on their back. He used the GroupWise find feature to locate an email from another lifeguard that told him where he could find the nearest first aid kit. While he ran in slow motion to get it, Misty stayed with the humans to keep them calm. Mittens returned with the kit and applied some aloe vera to the sunburn, soothing the human's pain.

With the situation under control, Mittens and Misty returned to their towels to continue their day off. However, they were interrupted by a message from their boss at the office, asking for some important information. Mittens quickly used the GroupWise instant messenger to inform their boss that they were off duty and unable to assist. He also reminded their boss that they had set up an out of office rule to automatically respond to emails when they were not available.

Feeling satisfied that they had helped out in the silly and ridiculous emergency situation, Mittens and Misty returned to their relaxing day at the beach. They were glad that they had the GroupWise instant messenger, shared calendar, and find feature to help them during the rescue. They knew that their skills as lifeguards and their knowledge of GroupWise features would always come in handy, even on their days off.