Mittens was excited to finally have a free weekend to go fishing. He packed up his gear and headed to the lake, but not before setting up his GroupWise Out of Office Rule. As he sat in his boat waiting for the fish to bite, he felt a sense of relief knowing that if anyone from work tried to reach him, they would think he was at a business conference instead of fishing.

He chuckled to himself, thinking about how he was able to use the name change of the vacation rule to his advantage. With the Out of Office Rule, he could always sound professional and responsible, even if he was just out on the water.

As he cast his line into the lake, he thought about all the times he had to take vacation days just to go fishing. But now, with the Out of Office Rule, he didn't have to use his vacation days just to enjoy his hobbies. He could work hard during the week and then relax on the weekends without worrying about missing important work emails or calls.

Just as Mittens was starting to doze off, he felt a strong tug on his line. He quickly snapped to attention and began reeling in the fish. After a few minutes of struggling, he finally landed a massive bass.

Feeling proud of his catch, he snapped a picture and sent it to his coworkers using GroupWise Messenger, along with a message saying, "Wish you were here!"

As he packed up his gear and headed back to shore, Mittens laughed about how clever he was, and was glad for all of the convenience and productivity that GroupWise brought to his life, even when he was out fishing.