Mittens was having a typical workday at the office when suddenly an alarm went off, followed by screams and chaos outside. He looked out the window and saw that the streets were filled with zombies. It was a full-on zombie invasion, and Mittens had to think fast to survive.

Luckily, Mittens was a seasoned GroupWise user and he knew that the software had features that could help him in this apocalypse scenario. He quickly opened up GroupWise on his computer and accessed the shared calendar to see which of his coworkers were in the building with him.

Using the calendar's appointment feature, Mittens quickly created a meeting and invited everyone in the building to it. He included a message in the invitation that instructed everyone to grab any weapons they could find and meet him in the lobby.

Once in the lobby, Mittens used GroupWise's chat feature to communicate with everyone and organize a plan of attack. They worked together to barricade the doors and windows, and then they waited.

As the zombies began to break through the barricades, Mittens pulled up the task list feature on GroupWise to keep track of the team's progress. Each time they successfully fought off a group of zombies, he checked off the task and sent a message to the team to let them know.

As the day went on, Mittens and his team used GroupWise to communicate and strategize, and they were able to fend off the zombie invasion, for now...