In the realm of Mittens, where whiskers and wits intertwine, a chapter unfolds with a Dr. Seuss rhyme. Inspired by whimsy and playful delight, the tale of Mittens and GroupWise takes flight. With colorful words and rhythmic grace, a world of adventure we shall embrace. So gather 'round, dear readers, with a smile and a purr, as Mittens and GroupWise embark on an enchanting blur!

In the land of the office,
so bright and so grand,
Mittens the manager had a plan oh so grand!
He wanted to make things faster,
and oh so much slicker,
So he called up his friends
and he bought a new sticker.

It was the GWWEB,
oh so shiny and new,
And Mittens was certain
that it would do what it was due.
But he had to install it,
and that was the trick,
So he called up Marvin,
the IT whiz and quick.

Marvin came running,
with tools and with glee,
Ready to help Mittens,
so eager and free.
They worked and they toiled,
for hours on end,
But the GWWEB still wouldn't bend.

They tried this and that,
they clicked and they clacked,
But the GWWEB still wouldn't come back.
So Mittens was stumped,
he didn't know what to do,
Until Marvin said,
"Wait, let me try something new!"

He clicked and he tapped,
and he typed and he swiped,
And suddenly the GWWEB,
it came back to life!
It was faster and slicker,
just as Mittens had hoped,
And he smiled and he laughed,
for he knew it was dope.

So they gave high-fives
and danced around with glee,
For the GWWEB was finally
the way it should be.
And all of the coworkers
rejoiced with cheer,
For the GWWEB,
It was finally here!

From that day on,
Mittens was a hero so grand,
For he brought the GWWEB
to this wonderful land.
And all of the coworkers,
they sang and they cheered,
For the GWWEB,
It was finally here!

In a GroupWise land,
where things are quite grand,
Comes GWWeb,
a web-based wonder, you understand!
No desktop client,
oh no, not here,
Just fire up your browser,
and let's give a cheer!

With GWWeb,
you'll soar through the sky,
Sending emails and calendars,
oh my!
No matter the device,
be it big or small,
Access your GroupWise account,
have a ball!

Collaboration galore,
with colleagues so near,
Shared folders and documents,
all crystal clear.
GWWeb brings joy,
with a user-friendly touch,
In a GroupWise adventure,
oh so much!

So hop on the web,
and give it a go,
GroupWise GWWeb,
the place to be, you know!
No matter the task,
you'll conquer with glee,
In this GroupWise world,
for all to see!