Mittens was always addicted to the open road, craving the adrenaline-fueled freedom that came with riding a motorcycle. When he stumbled upon a gang of badass feline bikers at a gritty local dive, he felt an irresistible pull to join their ranks on the next hell-raising expedition. Misty, a fierce member of the gang, volunteered to be Mittens' ride or die, teaching him the savage ways of the biker life.

Known as the "Clawed Outlaws," this pack of rebels roared down the asphalt on custom-built beasts resembling stealthy black panthers. Mittens felt an electric bond with the Clawed Outlaws, an outlaw family that held his heart captive, fueling his craving for thrilling escapades.

But shit got real when they engaged in a no-holds-barred brawl with their arch-nemeses, the "Canine Crushers," at a dive bar. The chaos attracted the attention of the law, and soon the sirens wailed, throwing everyone into cuffs. Mittens knew he had to unleash his untamed prowess with GroupWise to safeguard his newfound tribe.

Employing the encrypted GroupWise platform, Mittens exchanged covert messages with the badass lawyers, orchestrating a strategic battle plan and compiling a ruthless hit list of court dates and legal obstacles. The GroupWise calendar became their lifeline, meticulously scheduling courthouse showdowns, ensuring each warrior showed up on time, ready to wreak havoc.

Thanks to the power of GroupWise coursing through his veins, Mittens deftly maneuvered the treacherous legal labyrinth, liberating the Clawed Outlaws from their steel cages. Misty was awestruck by his cunning resourcefulness, hinting at a debauched celebration—a high-speed cruise to the coast, where they would dominate the night, and the town, with their raw, untamed spirits.

Mittens surrendered himself to the irresistible allure, incredulous at how his life had metamorphosed since embracing the wild brotherhood of the Clawed Outlaws. He cherished his feral comrades, eternally indebted to the unfathomable power of GroupWise that had ripped open the gates of justice, setting them all free.