Mittens was feeling confident and productive as he sat down at his desk, ready to tackle a complex work challenge. He needed to coordinate with several colleagues and departments to make sure everyone was on the same page and working together efficiently. Fortunately, he had the perfect tool for the job - the GroupWise multi-user calendar.

The Multi-User Calendar is a feature of GroupWise that enables efficient scheduling and coordination among multiple users or groups. It allows users to view and manage shared calendars, facilitating the scheduling of meetings, events, and appointments with colleagues or team members. With features like availability checking, meeting invitations, and notifications, the Multi-User Calendar promotes effective collaboration, minimizes scheduling conflicts, and enhances productivity within organizations.

Mittens opened up the calendar and started scheduling meetings with his colleagues, assigning tasks and deadlines, and setting reminders. He was able to see everyone's availability at a glance, making it easy to find a time that worked for everyone. With the help of the multi-user calendar, he was able to efficiently schedule meetings and keep everyone on track.

As he was working, Mittens mind continued to wander as he reminisced about the previous karaoke night with Misty. He remembered how she had sung a duet with him and they had both felt a spark between them. He wondered if she felt the same way he did.

Just then, Mittens received an email from Misty. She was one of the colleagues he needed to coordinate with on this project, and she suggested they grab drinks after work to discuss their progress. Mittens felt his heart race as he read the message. Could this be a chance for him and Misty to get to know each other better?

Mittens quickly replied, using the emoticons that he had learned to love from his previous emails with Misty. He added a flirty smiley face and a winking face to let her know that he was interested. He also used GroupWise's reminder feature to set himself a reminder to ask her out properly when they met for drinks.

With the multi-user calendar and GroupWise's other powerful features, Mittens was able to coordinate with his colleagues and make significant progress on the project. And with a little help from Misty and GroupWise's emoticons, he was also able to make progress on a different kind of project - his love life.