Mittens was feeling bored at work when he received a long and tedious email from the controller, Mr. Whiskerfuzz. To liven things up, he decided to play a harmless prank by setting an autoreply rule to respond to Mr. Whiskerfuzz's email with a ridiculous message about a top secret mission to find more cheese.

But things quickly spiraled out of control when Mittens realized that he had accidentally set the rule to apply to everyone, including customers. Suddenly, his inbox was flooded with responses from confused and angry recipients, all demanding answers.

Mittens tried to stop the autoreply rule, but it seemed to be stuck in an infinite loop. The email server became clogged with looping messages, causing downtime and lost revenue for the company. Mittens panicked and knew he needed to fix the issue immediately.

As the Computer Support Engineer for the company, Mittens was expected to fix the problem himself. He tried everything he could think of, but nothing seemed to work. In a desperate move, he called GroupWise Support for help.

After explaining the situation to the support representative, Mittens was relieved to hear that they had encountered similar problems before. With their guidance, he was able to locate the source of the issue and disable the autoreply rule.

But the damage had already been done. Customers were angry, and the company's reputation was at stake. Mittens knew he had to do something to make it right.

He drafted a sincere apology email, taking full responsibility for the mistake and assuring everyone that the company was taking steps to prevent it from happening again. He also offered a discount on their products as a goodwill gesture.

In the end, the situation was resolved, but not without some embarrassment and a lesson learned for Mittens. He realized that pranks were best kept outside of the workplace and that he needed to be more careful in the future.