Mittens sat at his desk, pouring over the latest software updates for the company. As he sifted through the various documents, he was anxiously excited about the new features they were about to roll out.

Just then, Misty walked up to his desk. "Hey, Mittens. What's up?"

Mittens looked up and smiled. "Hey, Misty. I'm just trying to schedule a meeting with some of the other department heads to go over the latest software updates. I want to make sure we're all on the same page before we start rolling things out."

Misty nodded. "Sounds important. Do you need any help?"

Mittens grinned. "Actually, yes. I can't figure out how to find time when everybody is available. I was hoping you could help me set up the meeting invites using GroupWise. And, if we have time, we can also check out some of the latest Internet memes."

Misty laughed. "Sure thing, Mittens. I love a good meme. Let's get started."

Misty went on to explain to Mittens that the busy search feature in GroupWise allows users to quickly and easily check the availability of other users before scheduling a meeting or appointment. Instead of having to manually reach out to each individual to find out their schedule, users can simply enter the names of the people they want to meet with and view their availability in a single, consolidated view.  She continued to tell Mittens that the busy search feature pulls in each person's schedule and displays it in a color-coded format, making it easy to see when they are free and when they are already booked. This can save a significant amount of time and effort when trying to coordinate schedules with multiple people, especially when they are spread across different locations or time zones.

Mittens was pretty impressed at the how much Misty knew about the Busy Search feature. She had so much information and really know how to use GroupWise to be more efficient.

Mittens and Misty spent the next hour going through the busy search feature on GroupWise to find a time that worked for everyone. They also took a quick break to look up some of the latest memes and share a laugh.

As they finished up, Misty leaned in close to Mittens. "You know, you're pretty good at this whole scheduling thing. Maybe you could schedule a date for us sometime?"

Mittens felt his heart race. "I'd love that, Misty. How about we go out for coffee after work?"

Misty grinned. "Sounds perfect."

Mittens walked back to his desk, feeling on top of the world. With the help of GroupWise and Misty, he was able to not only schedule an important meeting but also make a date with the girl of his dreams.