Mittens and his colleagues had been working hard on a big project for the past few weeks, and they were all feeling a little burnt out. To blow off some steam and have some fun, they decided to hit up the local karaoke bar after work.

Misty was among the group of colleagues, and Mittens was feeling more drawn to her every day. As they perused the song list, he couldn't resist asking her to join him on a duet. She blushed and agreed, and they chose a classic love song to sing together.

Before their performance, Mittens pulled out his phone and opened GroupWise. He had created a task list earlier in the day to ensure he wouldn't forget any important tasks for the project. But now, he added a new task to his list: "Sing a duet with Misty and knock her socks off!"

As they took the stage, Mittens felt a little nervous but excited. The music started, and they began to sing together. He kept stealing glances at Misty, admiring her beautiful voice and the way she moved to the music. As they finished the song, the crowd erupted in applause, and Mittens felt a sense of pride and accomplishment.

After their performance, they all sat down to enjoy some drinks and snacks. Mittens pulled out his phone again and checked off the task on his GroupWise task list. He smiled to himself, feeling grateful for the productivity boost that GroupWise provided him in his work life, as well as the fun he had with his colleagues.

As the night wore on, Mittens and Misty continued to flirt and chat, and Mittens felt like he was on top of the world. With GroupWise by his side to keep him organized and productive, and Misty by his side to make him feel alive, he felt like he could conquer anything.