Mittens had organized a field trip to the Whiskers cat toy company, and all of his coworkers were eager to go. They had been looking forward to this trip for weeks, and it was finally happening. Mittens had set up a GroupWise calendar event to coordinate all the plans, including the meeting time, lunch stop, and return time.

As they arrived at the cat toy company, they were greeted with an adorable display of cat toys, catnip, and other feline-related products. They were given a tour of the facilities, and the employees explained the process of creating each toy with love and care. The team was having a great time, and everyone was enjoying themselves.

After the tour, they all went to a nearby restaurant for lunch. As they were enjoying their meals and discussing the cat toys they had seen, they suddenly heard a loud crash. A waiter had dropped a tray of dishes, and a piece of shattered glass had flown towards Misty, the office secretary. Everyone was in shock as Misty was hit by the glass and fell unconscious.

As they frantically search for someone to call for help, Mittens remembers a GroupWise feature that might save the day. The groupwise address book is a centralized database or directory that stores contact information and allows users within an organization to easily access and manage contact details for individuals or groups. It provides a convenient way to search, add, edit, and organize contact information, facilitating efficient communication and collaboration among employees by enabling them to quickly find and contact colleagues or teams within the organization.

He quickly opens the GroupWise address book and finds the number for 911. With shaking fingers, he dials the number and explains the situation to the operator.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team is trying to keep the injured coworker calm and comfortable. They use the GroupWise calendar feature to quickly reschedule the remaining parts of the field trip and coordinate transportation back to the office.

Thanks to Mittens' quick thinking and the GroupWise address book, emergency responders arrive quickly and are able to provide the necessary medical attention. The team is shaken up but relieved that their coworker will be okay.

On the ride back to the office, they discuss the importance of having emergency contact information readily available and how GroupWise can help in unexpected situations. They also make plans to have a company-wide training on emergency preparedness and the features of GroupWise that can be used in such situations.

As they return to the office, the team is grateful for each other's support and for the tools provided by GroupWise to help them navigate difficult situations. They make a mental note to always be prepared for the unexpected and to make the most of the resources available to them.