Mittens was on a mission to streamline communication and collaboration in the office. He had just discovered the magic of shared folder trees in GroupWise and was eager to share his newfound knowledge with his coworkers.

One by one, Mittens sat down with his colleagues and taught them how to use shared folders to manage and share their emails. He showed them how to create new folders and subfolders, how to move emails between folders, and how to color-code them for easy categorization. He explained to them that GroupWise Shared folder trees are a feature of GroupWise that allows users to share and organize email folders with other users. With Shared folder trees, a user can create a complex folder structure that can be shared with one or more other users. This can be useful in a variety of situations, such as when a team needs to collaborate on a project or when an assistant needs access to a manager's email.

His coworkers were amazed at how organized their email inboxes could become. They were grateful to Mittens for taking the time to teach them a new skill that could save them time and frustration. Their favorite part was learning that when a user shares a folder tree, they can control the level of access that other users have to the shared folders. For example, they can give read-only access to some folders while allowing others to edit and delete messages. This helps to ensure that sensitive information is not accidentally or intentionally shared with unauthorized parties.

As they worked together, they chatted about the latest internet memes and current events. Mittens even created a shared folder specifically for memes and funny videos. It quickly became the most popular folder in the office, with everyone adding their favorite hilarious content.

Thanks to Mittens' guidance, communication and collaboration in the office were taken to a whole new level. The shared folder trees in GroupWise proved to be a game-changer, making it easier for everyone to stay on top of their emails and share important information with their colleagues. They could even keep a collection of funny Internet memes all in one place for everyone to enjoy.

As their day came to a close, Mittens' coworkers thanked him again for being their shared folder tree sensei. Mittens smiled, feeling proud of his accomplishment. He had not only made the office more efficient, but he had also brought some laughter and fun to the workplace.