Mittens had always been a fan of GroupWise Messenger - it was like having a magic wand that could connect him with his coworkers without even having to leave his desk! Being an introvert, he loved the fact that he could keep up with office gossip and share hilarious memes without the dreaded small talk.

GroupWise Messenger is a feature of the GroupWise system that provides real-time instant messaging (IM) functionality within a corporate environment. Users can communicate with one another via text-based chats, and the system also includes chat room functionality for group conversations. The Messenger interface is simple and intuitive, making it easy for users to send messages, share files, and manage their contacts. It works on desktop computers, laptops, and even mobile devices like the PawPhone.

Whenever Mittens came across a particularly funny cat meme - which, let's be honest, was pretty much all the time - he'd gleefully send it around to his colleagues, chuckling to himself at the thought of them opening their notifications to find a grinning feline staring back at them.

But GroupWise Messenger wasn't all about cat memes and jokes - it was also a lifesaver when it came to work. Whenever Mittens had a quick question or needed a file urgently, he'd ping his coworker with a quick message instead of traipsing over to their desk.

And let's not forget the 'Do Not Disturb' feature - Mittens loved nothing more than setting his status to "busy working on important cat business" to keep the office chit-chat at bay. It was the perfect way to stay focused on his work without seeming like a grumpy cat.

Of course, Mittens wasn't always purr-fect. He had been known to send the occasional message to the wrong colleague or forget to change his status back to 'Available' after his cat nap. But overall, he knew he couldn't work without GroupWise Messenger - it had become his go-to tool for staying connected and productive in the workplace.

Despite the occasional mishap, GroupWise Messenger had helped him build some great relationships with his colleagues. In fact, it was through Messenger that he had first connected with his coworker Misty - although he'd never admit that he initially messaged her because he thought her name was related to the famous disappearing cat illusion.

Mittens was also able to see the availability status of his co-workers, making it easy to tell who is currently online and available for the freshest memes. Additionally, the intuitive interface and robust security features of Messenger, such as SSL encryption and the ability to restrict access to chat rooms, provided Mittens the confidence he needed to know his cat-chats were secure. GroupWise Messenger proved to be a valuable tool for Mittens and everyone else at the Bigger Cheese Mousetrap Company.

As he clicked 'send' on another cat meme, Mittens wondered what other amazing connections he might make through GroupWise Messenger. After all, the possibilities were as endless as the cat videos on the internet!

Product Information

GroupWise Messenger is a separate application from GroupWise. The server component (agents) typically run on a dedicated server. GroupWise licenses include entitlements for GroupWise Messenger. GroupWise Messenger includes the following main components:

  1. Administrative back end that is integrated with the GroupWise admin console.
  2. Messaging Agent that controls the Instant Messenger.
  3. Archive Agent to store all chat messages.
  4. A Windows based Messenger Client.
  5. A MacOS X Messenger Client.
  6. A Linux Messenger Client.
  7. A Smart Phone app for iPhone and Android devices.