It was a typical day at the Bigger Cheese Mouse Trap Company, until two new hires showed up: Beamis and Buffhead. They were both excited to start their new job, but their enthusiasm was not for the job itself, but for the potential to score with chicks.

Beamis and Buffhead spent their first few hours at the office staring at every woman who walked by, making inappropriate comments and gestures. Mittens, who was tasked with showing them the ropes, was growing increasingly frustrated with their behavior.

"Hey, Buffhead, check out that chick by the water cooler," Beamis said, pointing to Misty.

Buffhead's eyes widened. "Yeah, I want to explore that chick," he said with a chuckle.

Mittens shook his head in disbelief. "Guys, that's not how you behave in the workplace. You need to focus on the job, and use our company's tools, like GroupWise, to improve communication and productivity."

"GroupWise? What's that?" Beamis asked.

"It's our company's email and messaging system," Mittens explained. "It also has features like shared calendars, color coded folders, and a powerful search function to help you find what you need quickly."

Beamis and Buffhead looked at each other in confusion.

"Uh, can we use it to, like, message chicks?" Buffhead asked.

Mittens sighed. "No, that's not what it's for. It's for work-related communication."

Despite Mittens' attempts to steer them towards productivity, Beamis and Buffhead continued to ogle and make comments about women in the office. But as the day went on, they started to realize that their behavior wasn't getting them anywhere.

"Hey, Beamis, maybe we should listen to Mittens and try to use GroupWise to help us out," Buffhead suggested.

"Like, how?" Beamis asked.

"Well, we could use the shared calendar to schedule a meeting with some of the girls," Buffhead said.

Beamis nodded. "Yeah, and we could color code our folders to make us look more organized."

Mittens was pleasantly surprised by their sudden interest in using GroupWise. "That's a great idea, guys. And don't forget about the powerful find feature, which can help you quickly locate any information you need."

As the week went on, Beamis and Buffhead started to show significant improvement in their work, using GroupWise to communicate effectively with their colleagues and stay organized. And to their surprise, they even started to receive positive attention from some of the women in the office.

"Hey, Buffhead, check it out," Beamis said, pointing to his screen. "I just got a message from that chick by the water cooler. She wants to know if we're free for lunch."

Buffhead's eyes widened. "Whoa, cool. I guess using GroupWise really works!" as he added the "meeting" to the GroupWise shared calendar.

Mittens smiled, feeling proud of his new recruits. "See, guys? It pays to be productive and use the tools available to you. Now, let's get back to work."

Buffhead then opened his GroupWise task list and hastily marked "Score with Chicks" as 50% complete.  "Hey Beamis, check it out, we're gonna score... Huh-huhh-huhhhhh."