Mittens was feeling overwhelmed by his GroupWise inbox. It seemed like every email he received was taking up valuable space in his mailbox. He was constantly getting notifications that his mailbox was reaching its size limit. He knew he had to do something about it before it got out of hand.

So, he decided to use the Check Mailbox Size feature in GroupWise. With just a few clicks, he was able to see exactly what was taking up all the space in his mailbox. It turned out that he had been saving way too many cat memes and videos.

In GroupWise, the "Check Mailbox Size" function allows users to determine the size of their mailbox, which refers to the amount of storage space occupied by their emails and attachments.

Misty walked by just as Mittens was chuckling at one of the memes. "What's so funny?" she asked.

Mittens looked up, a little embarrassed to be caught laughing at cat videos at work. "Oh, just some memes I've been saving. But I realized they were taking up way too much space in my mailbox."

Misty grinned. "Ah, the classic cat meme overload. I've been there before. But that's where the Check Mailbox Size feature comes in handy."  Misty went on to explain that by knowing the size of their mailbox, users can effectively manage their storage allocation. It helps them understand how much space their emails are consuming, enabling them to optimize their usage and avoid reaching storage limits. Furthermore, many organizations, including the Bigger Cheese Mouse Trap Company, enforce mailbox size quotas to ensure efficient use of resources. The "Check Mailbox Size" function allows users to track their mailbox size relative to their allocated quota. If the mailbox size approaches the limit, users can take proactive measures to reduce the size by deleting unnecessary emails or attachments.

Mittens nodded, impressed with how much Misty knew about GroupWise and how easy this feature was to use. "Yeah, it's amazing. I was able to free up so much space in just a few minutes."

Misty leaned in a little closer to Mittens. "You know, I think you have a pretty good eye for cat memes. Maybe we should swap some of our favorites."

Mittens felt his heart skip a beat. "I'd love that," he replied, trying to play it cool.

As they shared their favorite memes, Mittens was so glad that GroupWise had all these helpful features - especially when they brought him closer to Misty.