Novell has released Open Enterprise Server 11! A few things we're excited about for OES 11:

  • Runs on SLES 11 SP1
  • Certified for VMware
  • Improved patching is faster and easier
  • SLES 11 includes Green IT innovations for power savings
  • Faster release cycles, including a feature pack release later this year

Also a few things you should know about OES 11:

  • OES 11 requires SLES 11 SP1 x86_64. 32-bit is no longer supported. We can help migrate any 32-bit servers to 64-bit.
  • NetWare is no longer a part of OES 11. The latest version of NetWare is 6.5 SP8 and is no longer under development. Support is still available, but you should be making plans to move to OES 11. We've helped many customers painlessly move to Linux. Give us a call and let us help you too!

If you are ready to start looking at Open Enterprise Server 11, give us a call! We are experts and can walk you through the entire migration.