Part of an ongoing series about GroupWise 2012.

With GroupWise 2012, Novell has introduced an additional calendar view. The desire here was to be able to show a day, week, or month, with multiple users' calendars. Some people could care less about this view, but I really like it. With GroupWise 8, you could show different users day calendars side-by-side. But if you wanted to show the same users calendars for the entire week, you would have to switch between each day. So you could never see more than one day at a time. Hardly a good way to look at the calendars for multiple people for the entire week.

With this new view in GroupWise 2012, you can see all selected user calendars, overlaid and color-coded on a single week view. You can also show or hide individual users calendars with a single click, dynamically changing the calendar view to allow or consume space for the given events. Pretty slick.

If you're interested in a demo, give us a call and we can show you all that GroupWise 2012 has to offer.