Cloud Integrated Services (CIS) on OES

Best Practice Guide

CIS is a new service that became available with the release of OES 2018 SP1, I believe sometime in 2019. I started working with it shortly after it was released due to a large scale customer implementation. Since then I have worked with the product extensively as it has been developed and improved up until now (Currently working with OES 2018 SP2, with SP3 release right around the corner.)

This handy guide helps you through my entire recommended process from start to finish.

Step 1: Don't Do It.

CIS is a difficult product that is not ready for production. I consider it an early beta product at best. Besides all the bugs and problems, I have found the following to be true:

  • In it's current state it is literally impossible to install the product successfully without getting the developers involved.
  • Development resources are extremely limited and mostly outsourced to a team located in India. This creates language barriers, time zone challenges, and extremely poor quality phone lines when you're trying to do a phone call with them.
  • The OES support team does not know the product or how to work with it. They rely almost completely on developer resources.
  • The Documentation sucks and does not provide the level of detail necessary to properly implement the product.
  • Micro Focus has not published any useful TIDs related to overcoming the many technical challenges you will face.
  • Regardless of what problem you have, you will likely have to have a dial-in with developers that will involve 2-3 hours worth of time. They will likely delete and recreate all of the certificates used by the solution. When that doesn't work, they will then tell you they will have to get back to you with a solution. You will then wait 2-3 weeks.
  • You'll find out that the entire solution includes a bunch of applications and components you've never seen or used before (Apache Kafka, Apache ZooKeeper, Elasticsearch, and a database), and aren't used by any other OES or Micro Focus service. You'll also find that there are no tidbits of useful information out there about how to manage those components from an OES/CIS perspective.
  • It's possible, and likely, that every problem you experience will result in a "defect" being created which will then result in a patch being developed specifically for your issue. Expect this process to take 3-4 weeks.
  • In many cases, your project won't be able to progress until each defect is resolved.  You won't know what defects lie ahead until you get the current defect resolved. This is because many of the steps require that you complete them in a certain order before moving on to the next step.

Step 2: If you're dumb and still want to install CIS

Maybe you still want to do a project. Whatever. Keep reading fo