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GroupWise 23.4 Released!

GroupWise 23.4 was officially released on Oct 25, 2023.  With it came two notable changes:

  1. Fully rebranded to Open Text after the acquisition of Micro Focus earlier this year.
  2. Versioning has aligned with the Open Text standard, which utilizes a YY.Q format, meaning version 23.4 was released in the 4th quarter of 2023.

In addition to the above, here are some other notable changes and additions:

  • All components of the GroupWise family were updated. This includes GroupWise itself, GroupWise Mobility, GroupWise GWWEB, the GroupWise Client, and GroupWise Messenger.
  • GroupWise Web Access Control in GWWEB.
  • GroupWise @Mentions in the GroupWise Client.
  • Improved FILR integration with GroupWise.
  • Many improvements to the GWWEB interface.

Below is the relevant Build Data for the various GroupWise components.

Component Build Number & Date
GroupWise Agents Linux: 23.4.0-143950 | 10-10-2023
Windows: 23.4.0-143950 | 10-11-2023
GroupWise Client 23.4.0-143950 | 10-11-2023
GroupWise Mobility 23.4 Build 1072
GroupWise Messenger 23.4 Revision 9977 | 10/17/2023
GroupWise Messenger Client 23.4 | 10/17/2023
GroupWise Web (GWWEB) 23.4.0 Build 143940

GroupWise Release Notes

Check out the official Groupwise 23.4 release notes here:

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