Throughout history, folks have had a lot to say about change… that it’s a good thing, it’s inevitable, and it’s the one thing you can always count on. At Marvin Huffaker Consulting, we’ve had our fair share of change since starting out as a one-man shop in 2002. Today, our team of highly-trained and certified engineers provides clients around the globe with superior business collaboration and virtualization services and support.

Change has been good for us. As we’ve worked to attain Gold and then Platinum Partner status with Novell, we’ve also honed our skills with Microsoft in order to meet the demands of the marketplace. We’ve also become experts in the field of physical-to-virtual server migrations, helping our clients to solve the problems caused by aging hardware, legacy applications, storage sprawl, and more.

With the launch of this brand new website and blog, we’ve embraced the inevitability of change. We hope you find it informative and easy to navigate, just as we hope that, after clicking through it, you’ll be compelled to Contact us to talk about hiring us as your long-term, trusted advisor for business collaboration and virtualization projects.

Let us help you with the changes you’re facing with your network. It’s true, change will happen. But you can always count on Marvin Huffaker Consulting, Inc. to help you achieve optimum network functionality and continuity.

All the Best,

Marvin Huffaker