GroupWise 18.3 Quick Build Sheet (SLES 15)

Here's a quick reference sheet for how I typically build a GroupWise server on Linux. My preference is to use SLES 15, and that is what I outline in this document.

If you'd like to read my discussion regarding the various supported operating systems, click on my "GroupWise 18.3 Discussion and Best Practices" article.

VMware Server Configuration

Adapt as needed to hypervisor platforms. My preference is VMWare ESXi and anything other than VMWare is out of the scope of this document.

  • Server OS Selection:


    Your version of vCenter or VMware ESXi host may not offer an option for SLES 15. If not, that's okay, just choose SLES 12 instead.  There's a VMware knowledgebase article somewhere, look it up if you want to read the same thing I just told you.

  • Processors

    • Select 2 Processors/CPU's

    Don't go crazy on the processors. Two (2) is usually adequate. There are volumes of web articles discouraging you from assigning excessive numbers of processors as it may have an opposite effect on performance.

  • Memory / RAM

    • For smaller systems, 8GB is likely adequate.